Embracing Your Personal Mission Ignites Me.

When people share with me…

“I have a story inside of me…”

“I have a concept that can change peoples’ lives…”

“I feel that I can make a difference and just don’t know how to effectively convey my message…”

Behind every wow is a why: In overcoming obstacles or challenges, there is a story as to why and how this was accomplished. Helping others draw out their life lessons and the resulting mission, and then showing them how to contribute their knowledge to the masses, is really where my passion and expertise lies.

The potential waiting inside of people, refining their message and knowing what to be share, is what excites me. Why? Because I know they are at the precipice of an amazing journey just waiting to be nurtured.

For the last 25 years, I have had the pleasure of utilizing marketing and technology to support my clients in achieving their goals. My focus is centered on helping those with a vision bring life to their mission and make it a reality. And if you’re wondering if I can help you… the answer is YES!

The road through life can be smooth, and at times so challenging. But that is what makes each of our stories unique and valuable to others.

If you want to read more about how I got to where I am, you can read my story below.

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My Story

I grew up with a loving family in a tough intercity neighborhood of Chicago. Funds were tight and violence could easily be found. It taught me to be mentally and physically strong. It also taught me a solid work ethic. I knew that if I wanted something, I needed to work for it and I did. Cutting grasses, delivering newspapers, you name it, I did it. By the time I was in high school, I was helping my parents pay the mortgage. It really was about survival.

As soon as I graduated high school, I joined the Air Force and was eventually stationed in Germany as an SP. I had the honor to protecting the American hostages when they were released from Iran back in 1981. The Air Force taught me so much and I am proud to have served my country. The Air Force also gave me a path to get my college education. Once I was discharged, I worked full-time and was a full-time student. After receiving my Bachelor’s degree, I continued and received my MBA through Roosevelt University.

Education, hard work, and a commitment to helping myself and others has been the theme of my entire life. For the last 25 years, I have successfully incorporated my strengths into the marketing and technology industries, building 3 multi-million dollar companies. Now, I work with others who have a mission and passion to continue to advance themselves, to contribute to others, and to leave a positive impact on the world.